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With CalEst you can learn, calculate, analyze, experiment the world of statistics and probability. CalEst has a user-friendly interface. Hence, in one click you can easily obtain calculations and graphics. Moreover, CalEst allows you to interact with several probability distributions (density and cumulative). In addition, CalEst includes several tutorials to learn by experiment different topics of statistics and probability.


Education strategies are aimed on developing several learning activities which focus on promoting the notion of concepts. Currently, there are just a few educational resources that provide motivation, orientation and information to students. CalEst is a computer-based resource which aims on contributing in the teaching and learning experiences in the areas of Statistics and Probability. Its technological development considers a collection of modules with a visual approach. CalEst main objective is to ease the perception of concepts in both areas. In practice, it has been observed that users acquire ability to reflect and improve their skills in the process of abstraction to write mathematical symbols.

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CalEst can be customized or use to create custom solutions.



This book on Statistics and Probability differs from others...